Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Virginia Air Sponsoring Navy Seal Foundation - Allen Stone Memorial Race

Virginia Air Distributors is proud again sponsor The Allen Stone Memorial Braveheart Race in Virginia Beach, VA.  The Run-Swim-Run 5k & the 1k Kids Race begins 7:30am on Saturday July 20th, 2013 located at Neptune Park - 31st Street at the Virginia Beach Hilton.  Proceeds from the race benefit the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad & the Navy SEAL Foundation.

The Navy SEAL Foundation supports veterans & their families on the home front by:

  • Providing tragedy assistance for those who have lost a loved oen in training or combat
  • Supporting family events to boost morale and encourage comraderie
  • Awarding scholarships and providing educational assitance to active duty personnel, their spouses & children
  • Preserving the rich history and heritage of the Naval Special Warfare community
Learn more about the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Memorial Race, or Allen Stone at the links below...

Thank you.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sell More Systems, Sell More Maintenance with Incredible Extended Warranty Pricing - Backed by York

Heat up your sales this spring and summer with York’s incredible extended warranty Yorkcare plans at half price!    Check out the pricing below:
10-Year Full System Parts & Labor Coverage (Coverage begins on 31st Day):
Heat Pump Systems:        $287
Gas / AC Systems:             $213

At a time when other manufacturers are giving up on extended warranties and “outsourcing” them to 3rd party vendors, York stands strong.   Even if you currently finance your extended warranties “in-house”, consider using these plans instead as you get paid time (flat rate), travel, and parts mark-up.    

Even more important is that all these contracts require annual routine maintenance, it’s right on the front of the contract the homeowner receives from York (see link below)!     This should GUARANTEE that you an additional 10-years of annual maintenance or they forfeit their valuable plan!     We will be providing shortly a useful script you can use to help your staff communicate this requirement to your customers.       

*** You must be a registered Liberties Contractor to participate, see your local branch or TM for more details.    

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alternate Refrigerants - Lots of BUZZ!

While there has been some relief as of late with the EPAs increasing the available quota of R22 allowed, refrigerant prices continue their upward trend.    A few weeks ago R22 looked like it might cost $600-700+ per jug this summer.    R22 is now hovering in the $400-500 price range.    These high prices have spawned a lot of buzz about alternate refrigerants, which ones to use, how to use them, do manufacturers allow it, etc...

We've put together a good "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) sheet at the attached link below where you can learn more:
Virginia Air Distributors Alternate Refrigerant Service Tips

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The HEAT is HERE! Wahoo!

The first true heat of the season has arrived, crazy when you think it was snowing just two weeks ago!   Here's todays projected high temps across some of our markets:

Richmond - 94
Roanoke - 90
Chesapeake - 88
Charleston - 85
Raleigh - 85
Greensboro - 85
Charlotte - 83

I'm no meteorologist so I'm not quite sure why it's hotter in VA than NC but we'll take it!  

Hopefully this is enough heat to get people turning on their systems and thinking about a new HVAC system!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 26th Anniversary to Virginia Air Distributors!

It was 26 years ago today that Virginia Air Distributors was founded.    Thanks to all our employees and customers for the last 26 years and for helping make Virginia Air Distributors the best HVAC distributor in the world!   

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BDR - Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients

We just completed our 2-day BDR - Maximize Profits Through Lifetime Clients course in Richmond, VA.    This class marked the 7th training session we've done with BDR and as always the training and content was outstanding.   

In summation the first day of the class was dedicated to Energy Savings Agreements and providing customers with more options.    Similar to our recommended equipment flat rate pricing strategy, the goal is to offer a Good, Better, Best, Fantastic offering of maitenance agreements.    Four offerings results in the highest net sales price overall as you'll always have some customers at the bottom, and some at the top.    The Fantastic offering could include a $50 annual accrual towards a future system replacement, no overtime charge, hotel stay guarantee, chemical coil cleaning, priority service, price increase guarantee, and other creative options.     In addition it allows you to possibly price your entry level or "good" offering at a lower price point (it basically is a glorified check-up) to attract some new customers that you can hopefully upsell to a better plan or sell additional services.   

In my experience practically all HVAC contractors can do a better job with Energy Savings Agreements.   They are the lifeblood of a retail HVAC business and are the key to creating long-term value and customers for life.     We also as an industry need to do a better job requiring annual maintenance to claim warranties.    Imagine if you didn't change the oil in your car for 30,000 miles and you took it in for warranty service, you would get laughed out of the dealership.     When a contractor sells a 10-year extended labor plan (the contract states annual maintenance is required) it should seal the deal on providing that same customer annual maintenance of some sort for the next 10-years.     If a standard spiff for an annual maintenance agreement is $25, over 10-years that's $250, ironically that's just about the price of our specially priced promotional 10-year extended warranties (must be a participating contractor).     Step up your game and offer 10-year extended warranties and you've all but guaranteed your maintenance agreements for 10-years as well with the proper well practiced customer communication. 

I also don't know how it came up but "Red Solo Cups" were mentioned and now the song has been stuck in my head for 2-days!   

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here's to a Great 2013 (Fingers Crossed)

As somewhat anticipated 2013 is off to a slow start for most of the HVAC industry.    I have talked to a number of companies who actually had a good first quarter, but most agreed it was slow at best.   Most eonomists forecasted this after an exhausting presidential election and the fiscal cliff situation in Washington.  

HOWEVER, the good news is these same economists forecasted growth in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters to be above average.    AND the even better news is that for the first time since we officially ended the recession (statistics actually show the recession officially ended at the end of June 2009 if you can believe that!!!) the HVAC industry, as part of the larger construction industry, is poised to finally participate in the recovery.    Thank goodness and about time. 
If the economic news and indicators, namely new and existing housing sales, unemployment, stock market, and consumer confidence continue to move in a positive direction AND we combine that with some early or extreme Al Gore global warming heat waves I THINK we might be in store for a very good year in our industry.    I hesitate to call it a break-out banner year but I think that too might be a remote possibility.    In our complex global economy there is a lot that could possibly go wrong and derail this outlook but FINGERS CROSSED this is finally the year we truly feel "recovered".    I would advise you prepare, but don't add additonal cost YET, just be ready to capitalize!   

The above outlook is my personal perspective, call me an OPTIMIST!